Welcome to the website of professional photographer Neil G Paterson, based a few miles west of Inverness, deep in the wonderful Highlands of Scotland.

Neil studied photography at Napier University and undertakes a wide range of photographic work. The images on this website reflect only some of Neil's photography. Comments about the content of this website are very welcome, as are enquiries about commissions you may wish to discuss with Neil.

Many of the images shown can be purchased, but Neil retains Copyright of all the images and appropriate permission must be obtained before copying, reproducing or using any of the images. Purchases can be made direct through this website using Paypal, or if you would rather pay by cheque, please email Neil with your enquiries at [email protected].

Capturing photographic images requires an appreciation of composition, light, and timing. The emphasis might be on aesthetics or technical skills. Overall though, it helps to be thoughtful, inquisitive, patient, but also passionate about the enduring appeal of the still image.